About the Ranchettes

Welcome into a glimpse of the lives of the Ranchettes. We are five women, two sets of sisters and former Canadians who immigrated to the United States and now reside together on a farm in Virginia. We have different hobbies and careers, but our lives are brought together in an interesting cacophony of interests. We credit our Canadian heritage of Northwestern Canada and our family members who instilled in us a deep respect for our natural surroundings.

On this website, we share ideas for home-decor, gardening, raising healthy food and animals, and sustainable farming. We also share unique stories or experiences from a female perspective. We attribute much of what we have learned from our parents and grandparents who taught us about homesteading and how to use natural resources to be creative and innovative.

In addition, Michelle, a Ranchette, is owner of Michelle Lynn Decor at Etsy.com.  Michelle makes all home décor items at our ranch, where she finds the inspiration to design hand-crafted or upcycled pillows. Please check out her enviro-friendly products on this site.

Thanks for checking out our website! Feel free to contact us.

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