Dusk and Dawn


The cats on our farm come to us in unique ways. Sarah found these two cats, Dusk and Dawn, at the side of the road. They were born to a stray cat and were found near death; cold, scrawny, and starving. We dewormed them, administered flea-control, and fed them warm milk and water solution. They both bounced back and are now reside amongst the other cats of the ranch.
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Cowboy Caught on Camera

Recently, our baby goat “Cowboy”  climbed up on top of his hay bin where he decided to play. His hysterical antics were caught on camera. This cowboy goat may be ready for the rodeo some day!!

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Charlotte is named after Charlotte Bronte, one of our favorite authors who wrote “Jane Eyre” during the Victorian era.

Charlotte came to us in April 2015. She was a feral goat, wild and untamed as the English moors where Charlotte Bronte penned her famous novel. When she arrived on the Ranchette’s farm, she would snort and run away, fearing any type of human contact. A person couldn’t get within a couple of yards of Charlotte. If one reached her proximity, she would jump and bolt away. She could also jump very high! Because of this, Sarah had to increase the height of her fencing. Continue reading “Charlotte”

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