How to Make Savory Cucumber and Tomato Soup

When it comes to living sustainably on a farm, the Ranchette’s refuse to allow produce to rot in the garden. What do you when you have bucket-loads of fresh cucumbers?  Naomi decided to make Craig Claiborne’s Cucumber, Tomato and Avocado soup, which she then placed in the freezer for future use. For fewer calories, Naomi tweaked the recipe. She added fresh basil and eliminated the required avocados and cream. The soup is delicious!!! It’s perfect for the hot summer months as it can be served either hot or chilled.
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The Business of Bees

Bee keeping is now a family occupation. The saga began when my friend, Lizz, gifted us, the Ranchettes, a bee hive, bee equipment, and the book “Beekeeping for Dummies.”  At first, we were quite excited, thinking “How complicated can beekeeping be?” But, then we started reading the manual “Beekeeping for Dummies.” We soon realized that if “Beekeeping for Dummies” was trying to simplify bee keeping, it was a whole lot more complicated than we originally thought. We eventually passed the bee hives and equipment onto our brother, whose wife and four children now successfully maintain four healthy bee hives.

Here are a few pointers on keeping bees, which we have learned through my brothers’ family’s endeavors.
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Three Perks to Partaking Pumpkin

Did you know that pumpkin is a winter squash, one of the three sisters responsible for helping Europeans survive the harsh winters? Many of us love pumpkins soley for the purpose of festive fall decorations. However, we are completely unaware of the incredible nutriouous value of pumpkin flesh and seeds. Please don’t throw your pumpkin  and pumpkin seeds away!!! Simply cut your pumpkin up and separate the seeds out to bake in your oven. Here are three perks to partaking pumpkin.
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Green Tomato Mincemeat

What does a person do with all the green tomatoes from their garden once frost arrives? At the Ranchette’s farm, it’s simple! We make green tomato mincemeat. Our grandmothers of British decent often would grace our winter holiday meals with this delectable desert. They served it in the form of pie or as vanilla ice cream topping. The smell of minced meat cooking and wafting through the house brings back so many wonderful memories.
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The Lonely Sweet Potato Trail

The Ranchettes recently harvested these sweet potatoes. Our sweet potatoes grew to mega-sizes thanks to the plentiful horse manure that Dixie and Faah supplied to our garden soil. Above is a picture “our lonely sweet potato trail harvest.”

Naomi, who harvested these potatoes, found this wiki How website which provides instructions on how to preserve sweet potatoes. Here are three simple steps on how you can preserve sweet potatoes. Continue reading “The Lonely Sweet Potato Trail”

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